We are pleased to announce that we have ported Paradox Engine and Yebis 2 Post-Processing Middleware to Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation®4.

In order to successfully achieve this, we have managed to develop a a full C++ compatible Direct3D11/DXGI/D3DCompiler API layer on top of Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation®4’s existing low level graphics API.The layer is extremely performant, and Yebis and Paradox could run with high quality settings. We plan to use this layer to port other middleware developed in our company.

With such a layer, we have been able to easily port the Direct3D11 versions of Paradox and Yebis 2 without having to change a single line of code in these middlewares in order to support rendering on the PlayStation®4:

  • With the D3DCompiler layer (with a fxc.exe compiler using it), we can develop our shaders in pure HLSL. We can query shader reflection, metadata, constant buffer...etc exactly in the same way we use to do in Direct3D11 on Windows.
  • With the DXGI layer, we are able to let our application using regular initialization code as SwapChains...etc.
  • With the Direct3D11 layer, we are able to efficiently use the underlying PS4 graphics API, taking care of the whole setup of pipeline stages, double buffering for command buffers, supporting all Direct3D11 states, Resources and Views...etc.

As the PlayStation®4 Graphics API is low level, our Direct3D11 layer for PlayStation®4 is taking care of all the details of interoperating with this API, allowing to easily develop and port an existing Direct3D11 game on PlayStation®4.. if you are interested in this technology, please contact us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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